Qiangjin LD-100-3 new arrivals
writer:ld-driller | time:2020-09-03 16:29:58

In 2015, the influence of China's economy and the vicious competition of the big environment our company developed the LD100-3 series drilling rig of Qianshan machinery in combination with Qi Li, the headquarters of Taiwan, this series of drilling rig is integrated to improve the performance of LD-100 machine body. The operation of the host on the construction site can effectively improve work efficiency and work quality. However, under what kind of working environment can the host ensure that the host can make money.

LD100-3 the main body parts adopt imported components, which can ensure that the machine parts are not easy to be damaged in harsh working environment, thus reducing the trouble of maintenance on the construction site.

The core of drilling work lies in drilling strength and feed. Our company has many years of professional experience in hydraulic manufacturing combined with Taiwan headquarters to improve LD100 drilling rig. The maximum drilling torque of this drilling rig can be raised to more than 15000Nm, and the feed propulsion speed is 50 m/s/min. It has good performance and high efficiency,

Power head has high-frequency impact up to 2400bpm, which can be easily handled even in granite formation. High frequency and high impact are superior and perfect. The impact force can reach 750Nm. Pressure adjustment speed 50-200 drill can adapt to all layers.

Power selection:

Oil-electric hybrid motor power 75kw, diesel generator power rate 37kw

Oil-electric dual power motor power 75kw, diesel generator power (optional)

Diesel single-power diesel generator power (configured according to customer needs)

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